About Us

We - Jana and Linda - from Munich are the faces behind FREDERIK SUE. We founded this label out of a common hobby and the passion to create something beautiful and unique. The combination of craftsmanship, aesthetics and childlike playfulness brought us to our own label.

Everyone has an ego that is multifaceted and cannot be pigeonholed. We are allowed to be everything and should also show that to the world. There are days when you feel elegant and classy, sporty and wild or playful and cheeky. There are moments when you want to be loud and bold and days when we want to show our sweeter side. And for all these moments we would like to offer you a special piece of jewelry.

We create all our pieces by hand with lots of love for you. Our little treasures are natural products or handmade beads which means that each model is unique and can always vary slightly in color and shape. Just like you and me! But that's exactly what makes it so special. No jewelry piece will ever be exactly like the other.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting a young, small jewelry label with your purchase and we hope that you will experience many special moments with your new piece of jewelry.

Jana and Linda